Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Zen of motorcycle maintainance

I used to prefer working on motorcycles to working on cars, because everything was on the outside. I have changed pistons on the side of the road with just the tools that came under the seat. Not so any more bikes have become more reliable, but also more complicated and style has replaced accessibility. Now to change a spark plug I have to remove the gas tank. To remove the gas tank I have to remove two fairings, 4 hoses and the seat. To remove the seat I have remove two side covers, and it seems like each screw takes a different tool.
To check the battery, again, I have to remove the seat.
Fortunately these have become yearly not monthly (weekly) chores,

Until recently, being a fair-to-middlin' mechanic was a prerequisite, since many bikes were not as reliable as they could have been. Many bikes literally shook themselves to pieces. It has been claimed that Locktite® was invented to hold Triumph® motorcycles together. Motorcycle mechanics were far apart and often worked on only one brand, or nationality.  Most car mechanics would have nothing to do with motorcycles. Modern motorcycles can be about as reliable as cars, but their maintenance needs often require special skills, tools or materials.

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