Friday, January 23, 2015


One thing is obvious about terrorist groups they care not for human lives. Not even their own especially not the lives of their foot soldiers. Killing a leader is just a promotion opportunity for his subordinates. They do treasure the weapons that give them superior firepower and peasants armed with farm implements are no match for AK47s. There are some schemes to reduce the supply of AKs, but it’s like fighting ants, there are always more. Fortunately some of the rifles are in other hands.

There is one weapon system that seem exclusive to terrorist organizations, popularly known a technical. Heavy machine guns mounted on pickups. These give the organization overwhelming power. Unlike an assault rifle, a technical is difficult to hide and expensive to replace. Unlike a leader a technical is difficult to disguise as just another soldier. A campaign to rid the unsettled part of the world of technicals would accomplish two things. Reduce the organizations firepower and punish them by taking away their favorite toy. Missiles, drones, bombs or gunfire can do it. Destroying them relentlessly would make merely being near the machine gun a death sentence for the intended operator, taking away their motivation.

So if a drone can find, identify and kill a specific man finding and destroying a technical ought to be really easy

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