Saturday, January 3, 2015

Influential people who did not do well in school

Jesus (Carpenter)
William Penn, expelled from Christ Church, Oxford
Ben Franklin (Printers apprentice, no college) Americas first millionaire
Daniel Boone (Frontiersman)  Settled Kentucky, judge
Alfred Russel Wallace (Inspired Darwin)
Charles Darwin (Clergyman) turned biologist)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Child prodigy)
Juan Bautista DeAnza Moved 400 families safely from Monterey Mexico to CA 

George Washington (Planter)
Andrew Jackson (Farmer)
Martin Van Buren
Zachary Taylor (Soldier)
Millard Fillmore
Abraham Lincoln (Farm boy, self schooled)
US Grant (finished 21 out of 32 at West Point)
Andrew Johnson
Grover Cleveland
(Rutherford Hayes was the first college graduate president 1877)
Harry Truman (Haberdasher)

Sequoyah, illiterate blacksmith taught the Cherokee nation to write
Oliver Winchester w/ B Tyler Henry (Shirt salesman) Repeating rifles
John Hall gunsmith, truly interchangeable parts
Christopher Spencer (Repeating rifles)­
Davy Crockett (Frontiersman)  lawyer, Congressman
Samuel Colt (salesman) Revolver, “American system” of mass production­­
James Eads (Salvage Diver) Engineer- Famous Bridge, New Orleans South Pass
Thomas A. Edison (Telegraph delivery boy)
Robert Hooke (dropout) Hooke’s Law, metallurgy
William F “Buffalo Bill” Cody
Edgar Alan Poe
John Moses Browning, 128 gun patents, BAR, BMG, M1911
George Hearst (Semi Literate Miner) found “blue goo”, turned out to be silver $20million

William Randolf Hearst (Flunked out of Harvard) Publishing Empire, Fathers fortune
John C Garand  M1
Albert Einstein (Patent clerk)
Wright Brothers and their entire team (Bicycle Mechanics)
Henry Ford (Pipefitter)
Walter Gryzler (Railroad Mechanic) Chrysler
Lim PO survived 100 days on a 4’ raft in the south Atlantic with nothing but his wits
John Mulholland, LA DWP
Adolph Hitler (Corporal, House Painter)
Josep Broz Stalin (Expelled from school)
William Lear, (8th grade) car radio, Lear jet
Ferdinand Porsche (Hid in tech school balcony until caught, thrown out) VW
Dennis Weatherstone (dropout, JP Morgan director)
Suleiman Olayan (Truck driver) JP Morgan Director
Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov (soldier AK47)
Les Paul, (dropped HS to play guitar) invented electric guitar and most modern recording
Rose Blumkin (Immigrant, no school, no English, furniture chain)
Aristotle Onassis (13 year old orphan Banana Peddler) to World’s richest man, shipping
Soichiro Honda (Mechanic)
Percy Spencer(Grade school) Invented microwave oven
Barry Goldwater
Johnny Cash (Never had a music lesson), best selling album ever
Vivian Taylor Black HS grad pioneered heart surgery

Lech Walesa, (Electrician), Solidarity Union, brought down Communism
Woody Allen
Ted Turner (inherited small local billboard company)
Karl Rove
Wayne Huizenga (Garbage Man) Waste Management Inc, Blockbuster Video, Car Nation
Steven Jobs (College Dropout) Apple Computer, iPod, iPad
Steve Wozniak (College Dropout) Apple Computer
Bill Gates (Harvard Dropout)  Microsoft, Worlds richest man
Michael Dell (Built computer business while still living in dorm)
Paul (Kinko) Orfalea (Started Kinko’s copying business while still living in dorm)
Richard Branson (High school reject) Virgin Records, ~ Atlantic, ~ Fuels, ~ Galactic  etc.
Jim Sinegal (dropout) Costco
Dean Kamen, Segway and dozens of patents
Larry Ellison (dropout) Oracle
Roman Abramovich ( orphan) Gazprom
Kirk Kerkorian (dropout) TWA
Sheldon Anderson (Cab Driver) Las Vegas Sands
Mark Zuckerberg (Harvard Dropout) Facebook
Mark  Walberg, Actor
Jose Mujica Uruguay's President never finished HS
Elizabeth Holmes,  youngest self-made female billionaire 30 year old college dropout.

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