Saturday, September 10, 2016

Why I prefer news on paper


  1. First of all there is the look and feel.
  2. It’s light, compact and portable.
  3. I can take it anywhere.
  4. It’s easy on the eyes in a wide variety of lighting conditions.
  5. I can skim several headlines or lead paragraphs easily.
  6. The headline matches the article, it’s not click bait
  7. You can tell easily how long an article is.
  8. No one is invisibly tailoring the news to their idea of what I am.
  9. The owners have a huge investment in a physical plant that requires integrity to protect.
  10. The editors don’t know what I read.
  11. There is no download time to read past the first line.
  12. You can’t accidentally click on a full page ad for Viagra
  13. There is no annoying animated advertising.
  14. There are no pop-ups.
  15. It doesn’t suddenly reformat the whole page for no apparent reason
  16. It’s silent.
  17. I can’t accidentally download a computer virus.
  18. Print media is updated on a predictable frequency, daily, weekly, monthly
  19. What looks new, is not just a “nine minutes ago” pointless update of something I already read.
  20. Because the space has costs, someone has edited the content to fit so I don’t have to figure out what’s worth reading.
  21. There is no expensive hardware to safeguard.
  22. When I’m done, I can throw all or part of it away even at the airport or on the train. 
  23. I can take the ads to the store and leave them in my shopping cart.
  24. I can tear out a page or a section and give it to someone else.
  25. We can separate sections and share one paper.
  26. I can tear out a part I want to save and fit it in my pocket, or even my wallet.
  27. I can fold it to fit my reading environment, a small table, the subway.
  28. I can write on it.
  29. I can do the puzzles without a printer.
  30. The movie listings are easy to find and fit in my pocket.
  31. The ads are local.
  32. All the comics are on one page in the same order as yesterday.
  33. If I lose a paper, or get it wet, or someone steals it, no big deal.
  34. Sometimes it’s handy to have the old paper for templates, or patterns.
  35. Old newspaper makes pretty good packing material.
  36. If I’m cold I can stuff it in my jacket for warmth.
  37. Try making a fire with a Kindle.
  38. The Sunday color comics make great gift wrap especially for kids.
  39. Fresh newspaper can form a sterile surface for emergency first aid, or childbirth.
  40. A rolled up paper makes a decent splint.
  41. I can use it to train the dog.

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