Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Clinton, Hillary that is

When I look back at the Presidents I have known, basically Eisenhower through Obama, I wonder which one would Hillary be most like.  Of course she won't be too close mainly because the world has changed.  In her case I don't think gender is going to be an issue except for some personal issues like wardrobe.  I refuse to go there.

OK how about Eisenhower, best known for playing golf and the Interstate Highway System.  He had to add "and Defense" to the title to get it passed.  He also sent the 82nd Airborne to Little Rock to integrate the High School. In the light of history he looks better now, but I can't see HRC playing golf while there are Conservatives to annoy.

Kennedy wow Charismatic but unfortunately ineffectual against a hostile congress.  HRC definitely not charismatic, instead she gets things done often letting others take the credit.

LBJ  the one referred to more by his initials than his name.  Zero for charisma, but A plus for getting things done. Thinds that Kennedy hoped for but couldn't get through Congress.  If he had gone the other way on Vietnam he would be a roll model for HRC.

Nixon,   No one is as secretive, slippery and underhanded as Tricky Dick. Not even close.

Gerry Ford One of the nicest guys in the White House. No major goof ups (except pardoning Nixon). No leadership either.  Nope

Jimmy Carter, another nice guy.  Too nice.  Not a bomb dropped of bullet fired.  His Foreign Policy resulted in the collapse of every dictator in Latin America except Castro, eventually, but Iran brought him down. Too indecisive.  Nope

Reagan. The Patron Saint of the GOP, in spite of his crimes, like Iran-Contra, and his multiple tax increases.  The Teflon President.  Maybe Trump thinks he's Teflon too.  But HRC is the Velcro candidate everything sticks to her at least according to the GOP.

Poppy Bush.  War Hero, lifetime civil servant, victim of an economic crisis he could not fathom. HRC gets 1 of 3 on this one.

Bill Clinton lets not go there. His best move was marrying her.

Bush II He let Cheney run the country from the White House basement, you know HRC will be in the middle of everything.

Obama, the cautious deep thinker, some times slow on the draw.  HRC has already made up her mind on most issues and will browbeat anyone who gets in the way until it's a done deal like LBJ.  Some people would not take that as a compliment.

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