Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reasonable Gun Control

The perpetual call for reasonable gun laws assumes that the laws we have are somehow unreasonable. Does reasonable mean total control, like North Korea, or a balance like say Switzerland. Yes, guns are too often involved in unjustified shootings, but according to some statistics often prevent a violent crime without ever being fired. No crime, no shooting, no police report.

I agree even one death is too many, but can we eliminate that one even with draconian laws? Just for reference, the number of gun related fatalities is of a similar magnitude as automotive fatalities, but no one is calling our traffic code unreasonable. The number who die from medical errors is several times as high, and the number that die from cigarette smoking is several times that. There is just so much the law can do.

If the War On Drugs were ended, a substantial portion of the gun violence would end.

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