Sunday, October 26, 2014

GMO Genetically Modified Organisms

In 1937 without a shred of evidence, but lots of racism, the USA passed the Marijuana Tax Act that for all practical purposes made marijuana illegal. For the last 76 years a stream of anecdotes, hysteria, rigged research and government lies have kept it illegal. It turns out marijuana may be the safest drug ever discovered. Government policy has deprived millions of patients of the very medication that could east their suffering.

Fast forward to 2010, one seriously flawed study and a lot of anecdotes cause governments around the world to outlaw GMO food even though all other scientific studies say they cannot distinguish a GMO anything from its naturally grown cousin.

Anything can be toxic if you are exposed to a high enough concentration for long enough.  Some things that are toxic in large amounts are essential in the right amounts, like salt, NaCl, or copper, Cu.
Believe it or not even water. (Too much can flush out your electrolytes)

It is very easy for zealots to hype their fears with exaggeration and factoids taken out of context. Look for information from unbiased sources that try to look at both sides of an issue, and don’t have a dog in the fight.

It’s OK with me to label (genetically modified organism) GMO foods, but I have to ask why the proponents do not take the other tactic. Label GMO free foods, as they do gluten free, sugar free, or fat free. Organic may imply it, but not really. Could it be that no one can guarantee that their product is totally GMO free? The big food packagers might just respond with “May contain GMO ingredients” on everything making the labeling pointless.

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